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What People Are Saying 

“Dr. Lara is incredibly professional and kind - the work that she does is very powerful. Sessions with them validated feelings and things in my life and health that are out of balance.”

~ Redmond, WA

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"Out of this world amazing! I was able to apply the suggestions and for the first time there was a shift in symptoms.  Symptom free after a few sessions. ”

~Seattle, WA

“Lara helped our move go smoothly with two high needs cats. The cats fared better than we thought they would.”

~ Los Angeles, CA

“After working with Lara for the last few months, relationships in my life have shifted and I've been feeling lighter in my body. They were born to do this work. ”

~ Marysville, WA

“I feel safe, heard, and supported in sessions. I have been feeling so much better since working with Dr. L. ”

~Everett, WA

“I had a session with Lara and my shoulder and arm issues that I have been struggling with for years has improved.  During the session, it felt like I was getting a massage and I was just lying there! ”

~Tacoma, WA

“After my wife died, I felt hopeless and full of grief. I connected with Lara unexpectedly and was blown away by her skill. I was able to laugh a little and feel that my wife was finally at peace.”

~Boston, MA

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"Lara has an incredibly grounded presence about her. My skittish kitty was immediately calm when they came in. They were able to pinpoint the issues without me really having to go into much detail. After a few months, things have really improved with her health." ~ Mukilteo, WA

“I was skeptical at first - but Lara was able to pinpoint the source of my pain before I even said anything - seriously - what a gift! ”

~Hartford, CT

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"A profound experience - Lara's work was able to soften my heart and give me solace in ways I didn't even know I needed."

~ Denver, CO

“My business has really shifted since have a space clearing. Patients comment on how things feel different and I've have more revenue. ”

~Lynnwood, WA

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Queer Family
Senior Gay Couple

“I learned that my dog has her own voice. The experience was very comforting. Lara's communication let me know that she was okay...I went from a complete panic attack to a calm state with just a conversation. ”

~ Seattle, WA

Portrait with Dog
Parent and Child
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