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Celestial Holistic Arts Lara Thompson

Lara Thompson, ND

My Approach and Training

Dr. Lara "Dr.L"  is a licensed naturopathic and homeopathic physician, nature enthusiast, intuitive, certified animal communicator, and shamanic reiki master - yup you read that right - quite the combination.  Lara has been in health allied, research, and clinical related fields since the early 2000s.

Completing naturopathic medical education at Bastyr University which years of study and practice in family medicine with conventional diagnostic and pharmaceutical medicine along with naturopathic training in herbal medicine, nutrition, homeopathic medicine, hydrotherapy, counseling and physical medicine.


Following medical school, Dr. Lara practiced primary care family medicine and now combines those skills and tools to facilitate transformation of the body, mind, and spirt - a form of modern day alchemy.  

They pursued additional certification and training in plant and entheogenic medicine, environmental medicine, craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation, fascial body work, flower essences, biotherapeutic drainage, holistic counseling, trauma informed care, essential oil therapy, Size Diversity and Health, and certification with the New England School of Homeopathy.

Having experienced discrimination and frustration in both the conventional and alternative health care systems, Dr. Lara offers a one-of-a-kind perspective and integration of skills to help restore balance in mental, physical, and spiritual health with a focus on creating optimal conditions for health inside and outside the body. Dr. Lara uses intuitive abilities, not as diagnostic tools, but to gather information, remove energetic blockages and support rebalancing body, mind, and spirit.

Celestial Holistic Arts was founded on the belief that each of us is uniquely created and deserves an equally supportive and creative healing experience using skills and tools to get to the core of what's affecting imbalance in wellbeing. CHA is a trauma conscious, identity affirming, body liberating, anti-racist, decolonizing principled practice.

About Dr. L

"My medical chart could fill a room, I know what's it like to struggle with chronic health issues often labeled as too complex, a zebra, highly sensitive, or too much.


I found my people, diagnoses, and support to be better equipped to navigate my body and health issues. I also ended up adopting two rescue dogs that had complex trauma and health issues - oh universe! I am here to share the compassion, support, knowledge and skills that have helped me, my dogs, friends and family navigate the world as sensitive, neurodivergent, hypermobile traumatized beings with chronic health issues " ~ Dr. L

Nature, animals, spirituality, magic, ceremonial arts and metaphysics are important aspects to Dr. Lara's life, having first encountered a spiritual medium following the loss of their mother to cancer, Lara was inspired to build skills in intuitive arts like animal communication, reiki, shamanism,  and ceremonial arts. Following the roots of their ancestors back to Salem, Italy, England, Lithuania, Scotland, and Ireland. 

Dr. Lara's career started off decades ago volunteering at hospitals evolving into a degree in psychology and social work focused on substance use recovery and HIV then moved into clinical research before attending medical school.You'll find that Dr. L is always learning, reading, or researching. When not working with people or their animal companions, Dr. Lara can be found with their rescue dogs, partner, with family or friends, bingeing a podcast or tv show or outside in nature somewhere. 

Tree in night sky with reflection on water represents as above, so below

Who I work With

Do any of these sound familiar to you, if yes then you might benefit from Dr. Lara's work 

  • feel scattered or overwhelmed by what direction to take with your health and wellness 

  • other providers say the test results are normal but you don't feel that way

  • looking for someone that understands your struggle

  • spend countless hours researching diagnoses, symptoms, conditions online 

  • have tried numerous remedies and doctors 

  • have felt dismissed, unseen, unheard or gaslit by health care and wellness providers

  • sick of providers telling you that weight loss is the only answer to your health issues or it's all in your head

  • want a provider that sees the mind body connection

  • enjoy or want to try hands on therapies and body work 

  • want support transitioning off prescriptions or find natural alternative solutions

  • value diversity, authenticity, ease, thoroughness, nature, and kindness to yourself and others​

  • know, sense or feel that things are out of balance

  • like diy, learning new things and insights to address health

  • have a neurodivergent (Autism, ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, Depression) lived experience and are looking for support, guidance, and affirmation

  • identify as queer, 2SLGBTQIA*, nonbinary, gender fluid, gender nonconforming

  • struggling with behavior or health issues with your animal companions

If nothing here resonates but you're still interested in working together, let's connect.

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